Paint NET 4 Download Free

Paint NET 4 Download Free


Paint NET 4 Download Free

Paint NET 4

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If you need something more powerful than Microsoft Paint, but not as complex as Photoshop, this search.

Turn your image into an oil painting

This well-designed image editor offers a wide range of tools and options that you expect to find only in largeGraphics packages.

Allows you to work with multiple images at once, save layers, save history of any changes you have made to your images, so you can easily mark these and include various drawing tools (brushes and geometric shapes, for example).

YouAlso you will find many special filters and effects that can turn your image into oil painting or drawing with a pencil only oneclick.

Simply and easily

It has a simple interface that makes the program easy to use. The menu is well organized,So it’s easy to find the opportunity that you are looking for.

Broad functions obhvatot

This is a great free image editing package with a bunch of useful tools for image optimization and retouching. Due to its simplicity, as well as a wide range of functions, the ProgramIdeal for casual users and those who need to perform more complex editing.


Thisupdate fixes some broken shortcuts for the View – Actual Size command.

Fixed: Ctrl + Shift + A now works again as a short view – AktualnoRazmer (broken into)

Corrected:Ctrl + 0 continues to work forView – the real size, even if 10 or more images are open (broken, it will go to the 10th image)

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