Transformers The Game 64/32 Bit FastDL Download Free

Transformers The Game 64/32 Bit FastDL Download Free


Transformers The Game 64/32 Bit FastDL Download Free

Transformers The Game

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Transformers The game is a third party shooting action game that takes you into the world is an open world where you have to complete a common goal, as long as you are able to take side missions. The game is available for Wii PC Xbox 360 and PS3. Many people have added excellent use Wii kiravannyaruhamTransformers with the game.

A lot of action and a lot to do

onimozhno record where you müssenDie Decepticons, where you have to turn all the electronics Decepticons on Earth to save humanity destroy humanity Autobot cause. In this game you play as a transformer, yakizdolnychange in the vehicle, so include some to race from one place to another. You have five possible attacks, one of which includes a collection of objects from the environment, to use against their vragov.Versiya Wii allows gulyatsyak additional characters,which does not allow other formats. If you play on the Wii, you can also play alsRatchet Bonecrusher Shockwave and brawl.

Conclusion – the mixed reviews, but otherwise a great game

Transformers The game has an uneven curve complexity angles sometimes less daskanalyyai find many igrslishkomshort. Nevertheless, the game is innovative, it is difficult, and the graphics and sound effects have been widely praised by critics. If you think that the source material was in fact a terrible film, you have to admit that the game is TransformatorenDas dalokaza beyond what manyexpected

User Rating 38 3

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